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I'm a self-driven web developer who thrives on large, complicated problems. I enjoy working in a startup or small business environment where I can help shape new features, code them, and then see them released into the wild, where data can be gathered and the feature iterated to perfection. My favorite types of problems involve figuring out how to optimize backend code and storage to handle massive traffic and large datasets quickly, efficiently, and in such a way that not only is the code understandable, it also lends itself well to future updates and improvements. I strongly believe in clean code, and when given the opportunity will happily refactor and clean up existing systems with an eye on simplification, structure, and future expansion.

I have experience working on large server clusters, and while I'm not an expert I can find my way around a linux server well enough to help debug issues, install software, etc. if needed. I have a working understanding of database master / slave relationships as well as the role of caching software in maintaining a high traffic site, and have experience anticipating and recognizing code errors that manifest through issues such as stale caches or lagging database slaves. I've worked with both dedicated servers and cloud systems (Amazon EC2) and am equaly comfortable with both.

I am looking for opportunities where I will be part of a small team that is passionate about getting shit done, with a focus on making an exceptional product to delight users. I'm also looking for an opportunity where I will be challenged to learn and develop new skills, especially around scaling & backend architecture type problems.

Skills & Technologies




Backend Systems

Notable Clients

  1. Sweet Tooth Loyalty Inc.

    Web Developer & Systems Architect

    May 2013 - Present

    During my time with Sweet Tooth Loyalty, I have worked on several products in the e-Commerce space, including the creation of a new Magento module as well as creating an analytics platform that integrated with the API's of various e-Commerce platforms. Most recently I've played a large roll in designing and building the API behind their Loyalty program SaaS project Sweet Tooth Rewards.

  2. CouchSurfing.org

    Web Developer

    Feb 2009 - Nov 2012

    I worked as a developer for a rapidly growing social network. During my time with CouchSurfing we grew the member base from 1 million users to 5.5 million users. I contributed to all parts of the code, including an active messaging system that was sharded for scalability, an image storage system using Amazon S3 as a backend, and a search engine using Sphinx.

  3. Awakened LLC

    Web Developer / Designer

    Sept 2006 - March 2008

    I was the primary web developer for a small consulting company, handling HTML, audio & video editing and upload, as well as writing simple PHP scripts and programs for the company and it's clients.

Interests / Fun

  • In the first three months of 2013 I completed a trip by bicycle from Orlando FL to Austin TX.
  • I love to travel, and have lived on 3 continents.
  • I spin fire poi, and have attended the Burning Man festival.